Apps listed on this page are classified as crippleware. This is a holding page for apps yet to be listed and categorized as Crippleware.

Apps for iOS Edit

  • 5000 Cooking Recipes (only a handful provided with app)
  • Atomic Web Browser Lite
  • Catch Phrase (also [adware])
  • Dataguard (also [adware])
  • Farlex Dictionary - Has a reduced offline dictionary
  • Fretboard LE
  • HowToDraw
  • Guitar Chords
  • Jamie Oliver Recipes (not all recipes are provided with app)
  • Lottery Ticket
  • Lotto Shake
  • Music Instruments
  • My Folder (also [adware])
  • NQ Vault (pay for services, [subscription] required)
  • Pacer
  • Place Tracker Free
  • Planet Finder
  • Pure Chess
  • Sing (pay for services, [subscription] required)
  • Tracker Lite (only allows 10 minutes of tracking)
  • Word Lookup (also [Adware])
  • Wifi HD

Apps for Android Edit

Apps for Android Edit

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